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Why It’s Acceptable to Get Relief from Your Timeshare Contract

Timeshare salespeople are skilled at presenting the property and convincing you to sign the contract. But some of them use unethical and deceptive sales practices. If you feel like you were a victim of false advertising and misled into purchasing a timeshare, immediately contact a timeshare attorney right away for legal assistance. Timeshare lawyers will walk you through the legal process of getting out of your obligations with the timeshare company while protecting your rights as a consumer.

timeshare attorney
Can a timeshare attorney cancel my timeshare contract?

Can a timeshare attorney near me get me out of my contact?

Yes. Board-admitted and qualified timeshare attorneys have extensive experience in consumer protection and the laws that can legally get you out of the timeshare contract. You have rights as a consumer—including the right to break free from a contract you signed because of deceptive or predatory selling practices, false advertising, or misinformation. A timeshare attorney can help cancel your timeshare if you believe you were pressured into signing the contract.

How can a timeshare attorney near me help me even if my timeshare contract is a few years old?

Yes. Most timeshare contracts indicate a rescission period during which you can cancel it, but don’t worry—it’s still possible to get out of the contract long after this period is over. A timeshare attorney in your state can use laws and statutes that apply to your situation and help with the cancellation process.

Where can I find a timeshare attorney near me?

Whatever you do, DON’T turn to timeshare cancellation and exit companies. These firms will take your money without providing you with a guaranteed legal solution. Instead, look for an information platform to help you find bar-admitted and experienced timeshare attorneys who will establish a genuine client-attorney relationship with you. The process of getting rid of your timeshare contract may be difficult, but with the right timeshare attorney, you can be confident that you will reach a favorable outcome.

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