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Timeshare Lawyers

Timeshare Owners - Are You Looking For The Best Timeshare Lawyers To Cancel Your Timeshare?

Our attorneys focus on consumer protection & timeshare law, helping thousands of timeshare owners cancel timeshare contracts.


We have the highest success rate in the industry and are recognized as one of the best timeshare cancellation firms in the country.

If you have a timeshare mortgage, are behind on your financial obligations, feel you were misled to purchase a timeshare, or just have no use for your timeshare, we can help!

All timeshare agreements have loopholes that can be exploited.


Timeshare Exit Companies are not licensed nor regulated to cancel timeshare contracts. 

Hire a licensed lawyer to provide you with legal representation.

Schedule a Free Consultation to help you understand the cancellation process. We are here to protect and fight for your rights. 


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We accept all timeshares located in the U.S., Mexico, & the Caribbean, with or without a mortgage. Call Today to receive a Free Case Analysis.

Timeshare Sold Under Unethical or Deceptive Sales Practices

A case study indicated that 67% of people regret the purchase of a timeshare three days after they bought it.


This case study also revealed that 73% of people that purchased a timeshare felt their sales representative misled them.


This is the commonality amongst our clients. The majority of people feel the salesperson made many promises that never turned out to be true.


Below is a list of promises made compared to what is actually true.

Did The Salesperson Say:

  • Timeshares are considered property.

  • They go up in value.

  • You can sell it back to the resort.

  • You can rent and make money.

  • Timeshares are exclusive.

  • Your heirs "could" inherit.

  • Maintenance Fees Never Go Up.

Deceptive Sales Practices

What Your Contract Reads:

  • Timeshares are not to be considered property or a real estate investment.

  • Timeshare has no resale potential.

  • We do not buy timeshares back.

  • Timeshares cannot be rented for profit.

  • Timeshares are available to the general public without having to purchase a membership.

  • Your heirs, successors, and assigns will be responsible for all financial obligations under the contract.

  • Maintenance Fees will increase every year ( The national average increase is 7% a year).

Our Firm Has The Highest Success Rate In The Industry Cancelling Timeshares

Our firm has the highest success rate in the industry, cancelling timeshare contracts sold under unethical and deceptive sales practices.


We predicate our legal fees based on several factors, such as:


  • Who is the timeshare developer?

  • What state is your vacation ownership in?

  • Are you behind on payments?

  • Do you have a timeshare mortgage?

  • Do you need us to dispute any previous negative remarks on your credit that had been placed due to nonpayment?

  • Do you need us to protect your credit throughout the process?

  • Are you seeking a refund?


All of these factors are evaluated so we can give you the best price possible to cancel your contract.


If you'd like a free consultation to understand your circumstance and provide you with an idea of what legal fees are involved, please call our office at 561-359-0244, or you can fill out a contact form on our website and one of our associates we'll call you within 24 hours for a free consultation.

Timeshare Lawyers Near Me

Find Timeshare Attorneys Near You! Licensed Timeshare Attorneys can help you cancel your timeshare contract if you believe the salesperson misled or withheld information on the purpose for their financial benefit. Receive A FREE Consultation!

Can Timeshare Attorneys Help Me Cancel My Timeshare If My Timeshare Is In A Different State? 

The answer is yes; timeshare attorneyscan help you cancel your timeshare even if it is located in a different state. However, they cannot sue the timeshare company on your behalf unless the lawyer is licensed by the bar of that state. If you are looking to cancel your timeshare for any reason, timeshare attorneys can help you determine the best way to do so and can offer guidance throughout the process.


The first step is to contact the timeshare company and attempt to cancel your contract. If the company refuses to cancel your contract, or if you're having trouble reaching them, you can contact a lawyer for help.


If you're looking for lawyers to help you cancel your timeshare, there are a few things you should know. First, lawyers for timeshare exit can help you cancel your timeshare even if it's located in a different state. However, they cannot help you sue the timeshare company. Second, lawyers for timeshare exit need to understand your circumstance to evaluate if your case has merit. Finally, if you're having trouble cancelling your timeshare on your own, lawyers for timeshare exit can negotiate on your behalf with your developer to cancel the timeshare.


We have a network of licensed attorneys that focus on consumer protection and timeshare law to help you terminate your contract legally and ethically. Contact us for a Free Consultation today! 

Timeshare Lawyer

Timeshare cancellation requires Timeshare Attorneys that can negotiate the release of your financial obligations to the timeshare developer. Hire an experienced Timeshare Lawyer.

Find Timeshare Lawyers Near Me

When purchasing a timeshare under unethical circumstances, Timeshare Attorneys can justify violations of the Consumer Protection Act took place. Hire experienced Timeshare Lawyers that focus on Timeshare and Consumer Protection Law.

Licensed Timeshare Lawyers

Purchasing a timeshare leads many people to default on their payment. Many become delinquent due to financial hardship. These circumstances lead the timeshare developer to negatively report you to the credit reporting agencies. Lawyers for timeshare exit can help dispute any negative reporting affecting your credit.

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How Can A Timeshare Lawyer Cancel My Timeshare Contract Using Mediation?

Mediation is a way for Lawyers to intervene in a dispute in order to resolve or reach a settlement between the Timeshare Developer and the owner of the timeshare interest. 

A "Timeshare Cancellation Lawyer" is both a Timeshare Lawyer and Consumer Protection Attorney into one. Timeshare Mediation will resolve the conflict that both the Timeshare Developer and owner of the timeshare interest commonly have. 

Many timeshare owners feel they were misled or misinformed during the sales presentation. This circumstance leads the timeshare owner to blame the timeshare developer for deceptive or unethical sales practices. 

The timeshare developer experiences backlash, and in many cases, timeshare owners stop making their payments under the purchase agreement forcing the timeshare developer to take action. Developers will take action such as reporting delinquency of payments to the credit reporting agencies, hiring collection agencies to collect the balance in arrears, and in many cases, suing the timeshare owner for breach of contract.

Timeshare Lawyers will provide Timeshare Mediation services to resolve this dispute eliminating ongoing unnecessary expenses by the timeshare developer and potential legal and financial consequences to the timeshare owner. 

Timeshare Cancellation Companies cannot provide such services. They are not a law firm that does not employ a Timeshare Lawyer or Consumer Protection Attorney to provide Legal Timeshare Cancellation Services.

If you would like to speak to a Timeshare Lawyer near you that understands the Legal Mediation process to resolve this matter amicably, please call our office today for a Risk-Free claim analysis. 

How Can Ross, Lynn, & Associates
Find Timeshare Lawyers Near Me?

Our firm has established relationships with experienced and trusted lawyers for timeshare exit in the U.S.


All lawyers are verified in our network to focus on Timeshare and Consumer Protection Law.

Many general practice lawyers have seen the opportunity to start practicing timeshare law. Without the proper experience and history to back up the success rate in Timeshare Cancellation, we suggest using Timeshare Lawyers with a proven track record and high success rate.

Lawyers for timeshare resorts will research the Timeshare Lawyer you hire. If lawyers for timeshare resorts realize you have hired an unexperienced timeshare lawyer, they will not take them seriously.

By contacting our office and providing you with a Free Claim Study Analysis, we can find experienced Timeshare Lawyers in your state or near your state that can offer you legal services.

All Timeshare Lawyers have been verified with the State Bar and verified to have a minimum of 7 years practicing timeshare law.

Contact our office at 561-359-0244 or click the link below to find timeshare lawyers near you.

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