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Rules for Canceling a Timeshare Contract

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Like many people, you may have been encouraged to buy a timeshare thinking it’s a great investment. The salesperson and advertisements may have made it look attractive with statements like “free vacations” and “free buffet meals.” But perhaps it has now become a financial burden, especially considering the maintenance fees and other costs associated with the property. The good news is that you can legally cancel your contract with help from a timeshare attorney.

Canceling a Timeshare Contract
Rules for canceling a timeshare contract

Should I hire a timeshare attorney near me?

Yes. Working with a lawyer is the only way to get out of a timeshare contract legally. Seasoned timeshare attorneys can help you make informed choices and work closely with you to cancel your contract for good. They’re also familiar with the relevant consumer protection and timeshare laws that can further help your case.

Are there rules for canceling a timeshare contract?

Every consumer has a unique situation, so there are no hard rules for canceling a timeshare contract. The ideal scenario would be to cancel within the recission period. This should be mentioned in your contract. But in reality, most people regret their purchase only after this cancelation period has passed. If that’s the case, it’s best to consult a timeshare attorney. They can look into the circumstances of your timeshare contract to find loopholes or issues, such as deceptive sales practices or coercion to sign without giving you further information about the property and fees.

Is it better to hire a timeshare attorney near me?

Remember that a timeshare contract is a business contract and a binding legal document. It’s better to do your research and work with a bar-admitted and licensed timeshare lawyer instead of hiring a timeshare exit company, which could cause more harm than good.

Timeshare attorneys can provide the legal help you require after the contract’s cancelation period has passed. Some laws may provide the defense you need against deceptive and unfair business practices, which most timeshare companies are known for. The timeshare attorney will dispute the contract where breach or violations of consumer rights occur.

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