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Lesser-Known Tips on How to Get Out of a Timeshare Legally

Updated: May 26, 2022

Timeshare Attorney
How to Get Out of a Timeshare Legally

You probably already know that your timeshare contract is legally binding, or perhaps the business promoting it said so. However, that doesn’t mean you can't cancel it. So, when you start regretting your purchase, don’t just leave it alone to incur fees. Avoid selling or donating it, either! There are other ways to get out of your timeshare legally, such as working with an experienced timeshare attorney. Keep reading to learn more tips:

Check the rescission period.

All timeshare should state the cancellation period. However, the rescission period varies per state. For instance, if your timeshare is in Florida, you can cancel within 10 days of signing or after you get the final required documents. With this in mind, act fast once buyer’s remorse hits.

Should I consult with a timeshare attorney near me?

The answer is yes. That way, you can be guided accordingly by their expertise and knowledge. It’s also helpful when you’re overwhelmed with the content of the timeshare contract or if you’re sure that the document is unable to disclose cancellation.

Follow the contract

Your timeshare contract should state how you should cancel it legally. Usually, you would have to write a cancellation letter and ensure its delivery within the rescission period. When in doubt, consult a timeshare attorney for advice, especially if you suspect deceptive sales practices.

When should I get help from a timeshare attorney near me?

Find legal assistance as soon as you can! Timeshare attorneys specialize in timeshare law, and they help consumers cancel their contracts legally. They provide tailored advice and resources to suit your unique situation. Their assistance can be helpful, especially if canceling your contract after the rescission period. Likewise, they can assist if you’re convinced the timeshare company coerced you into signing an agreement. Choose a licensed and verified timeshare attorney in your area to resolve your complex matters legally.

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