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Diamond Resorts sues Wesley Financial Group

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Diamond Resorts is suing Wesley Financial Group for allegedly driving clients into financial problems and even foreclosure.

Plaintiffs from the timeshare company Diamond Resorts claimed that Wesley Financial Group makes false promises about relieving timeshare owners of obligations and that the defendant discourages possible customers from getting a lawyer.

Diamond Resorts alleges that Wesley Financial Group induced people to sign a service agreement to keep people quiet about their relationship with Wesley Financial Group; works to discourage communications between timeshare developers and customers; informs the timeshare owner to stop making payments on valid debts or else the process will take longer.

The complaint reads as follows:

[Wesley Financial Group] is a wholly unregulated and unrestrained business whose sole purpose is to cancel another business’s valid and enforceable contracts. Wesley Financial Group has created a business and monetized tortuous interference with contracts. Wesley Financial Group targets and disrupts valid contracts between timeshare developers, like the Diamond Collections, and their customers. Wesley exacts exorbitant, up-front fees. Defendant Charles William “Chuck” McDowell, III (“McDowell”) is Wesley’s founder and CEO. While McDowell touts himself as a pioneer in the timeshare exit industry, who has “fought and won” against timeshare developers, in reality, he is a thrice bankrupt, tax-liened huckster, oft-vilified sports betting tout, selling snake-oil: false and meaningless promises which, in the end, leave the timeshare owner – many Diamond Collections’ members – in a worse position than when they started.

“Wesley Financial Group provides detailed instructions of how to cancel automatic payments depending on the method of payments the customer has established with the timeshare developer,” according to the lawsuit. “Wesley Financial Group exposes the timeshare owner to delinquency and default because it knows that only the developer’s foreclosure or forfeiture of the timeshare interest, with attendant adverse credit and other consequences to the timeshare owner, will cancel the customer’s timeshare.”

This is not the first time A developer has sued Wesley Financial Group. In 2013, Wesley Financial Group was sued by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. for the same business practices.

For this reason, we encourage timeshare owners who feel they were misled or information was withheld on purpose by the salespeople for their financial benefit should contact a licensed timeshare attorney who understands timeshare law and consumer protection law.

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