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5 Things to Consider While Hiring a Timeshare Cancellation Lawyer

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

If you own a timeshare and it’s more trouble than it’s worth, you’re better off getting rid of it.

The problem is, how do you do that?

Timeshare Cancellation Attorney
Timeshare Cancellation Lawyer

The process will be challenging, more so when it’s been a while since the rescission period ended and the timeshare company is making it seem like you can never cancel your contract.

This is where a timeshare cancellation lawyer comes in.

Licensed and bar-admitted timeshare lawyers who focus on timeshare cancellation and consumer protection laws can explain to you your rights regarding unlawful, unethical, and deceptive sales practices that may have induced you to sign a contract.

Timeshare Exit Attorneys
Lawyers For Timeshare

5 factors you should consider when hiring timeshare lawyers:

1. Find Someone With Timeshare Cancellation Experience

A timeshare salesperson may have appealed to your emotions and stirred feelings that convinced you to sign the dotted line.

A timeshare attorney should have extensive experience and knowledge of timeshare and consumer protection law.

Timeshare developers have timeshare lawyers who produce a purchase agreement to protect the timeshare developer against claims that the timeshare developer misled the buyer.

Timeshare developers do not mislead the buyer, the salespeople do.

Salespeople are known to make promises or guarantees to the buyer that are not part of the contract.

When the timeshare owner makes claims of any deceptive sales practices, the timeshare developer's management company will always refer to the terms and conditions in the contract disclosed.

The buyer's claims are discredited and will enforce the terms of the contract upon the buyer.

Due to the salespeople withholding information disclosed in the purchase agreement, you need timeshare lawyers who understand consumer protection laws.

Make sure to validate the attorneys' credentials and history of law practice in timeshare and consumer protection law, as well as their success rate in canceling a timeshare contract legally.

2. Ask The Timeshare Cancellation Attorney About Their Strategy

An experienced timeshare cancellation attorney understands that it's impossible to prove the timeshare developer misled the buyer.

The timeshare contract discloses terms, conditions, liabilities, and the owner's responsibilities during the ownership of their timeshare.

For this reason, the timeshare cancellation attorney will have to shift the focus to the salesperson in which "the salesperson" withheld information for their financial benefit to earn a commission from the sale of the timeshare.

It's impossible to "prove" the salesperson misled or pressured you to buy a timeshare (unless the buyer recorded the sales presentation).

A clever timeshare cancellation attorney can justify the salesperson "withheld" information disclosed in the contract to induce the buyer to purchase a timeshare without understanding their long-term risks.

A timeshare attorney can provide you with a free consultation and tell you more about this approach and other strategies that they will use, depending on your situation.

3. Ensure Lawyers For Timeshare Have Honesty and Integrity

Be careful when hiring a timeshare cancellation lawyer. Thoroughly examine their background and ensure they are licensed to practice timeshare and consumer protection laws.

Any other area of law doesn't make them qualified timeshare lawyers for cancellation services.

Verify their credentials, success rate, and reviews. There are timeshare lawyers that have third-party agreements with timeshare cancellation companies.

You want to stay away from those attorneys.

Lawyers for timeshare cancellation companies that write letters on behalf of the timeshare exit company get sued by the developers for tortious interference.

Hire an independent timeshare attorney to avoid a conflict of interest.

4. Have Open Communication With Your Timeshare Attorney

Before producing the payment, make sure you are able to speak to the timeshare attorney and establish an attorney-client relationship.

Many timeshare exit companies such as Wesley timeshare cancellation and time share compliance lure you into paying them first without you speaking to their "timeshare attorney" or as they like to refer to their attorneys as "house counsel."

If you cannot speak to a Timeshare Attorney before producing payment and signing a contract, that's a major red flag.

You cannot establish an attorney-client relationship unless you hire a timeshare attorney.

5. Make Sure You Are Signing A Contract and Paying The Timeshare Attorney Directly, Not The Timeshare Exit Company

Many people sign a contract and produce payment directly with Timeshare Exit Companies without establishing an attorney-client relationship with the timeshare attorney.

Lawyers for timeshare exit companies eliminate any relationship or fiduciary obligation to the client.

Their "attorneys" put the client at risk of having timeshare exit companies not rendering legal services.

Once the Timeshare exit company goes out of business, there's no further obligation to render legal services, and the client will be left stuck with the timeshare contract and any fees in arrears.

Licensed Timeshare Attorney
Timeshare Attorney


Do proper research using Licensed Timeshare Attorneys.

You can always contact legal counsel you have used in the past to see if they know a licensed timeshare attorney that can help you cancel a timeshare contract legally.

Asking a timeshare exit company to offer you timeshare cancellation services is a recipe for disaster.

Always seek legal counsel for legal matters.

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